Read of the Week

Three Bodies

NR Brodie


Review: Lindiwe Mlandu

Three bodies of unidentified foreign women are found in three separate incidents.

Could these be connected? Are these murders linked to a number of cash heists in Gauteng or is it the work of a serial killer?

Captain Reshma Patel stumbles upon a grisly crime scene under Park Station in Johannesburg.

She starts working tirelessly to solve the murders. There’s a fourth woman who has been abducted and she has to find her before it’s too late.

Captain Patel has to thread carefully as she doesn’t know who to trust in the police.

So she pulls in her partner Ian Jack, who used to be a police officer, to help with the investigation.

Ian reaches out to his sangoma friend, MaRejoice, to help them make sense of the killings.

Veteran journalist NR Brodie weaves together this story of organised crime, sangomas and the criminal syndicates who’ve infiltrated the police.

It’s a thriller involving violent crime and femicide in South Africa.

Three Bodies is Brodie’s second novel featuring Reshma Patel and Ian Jack.

It will have you questioning some of your beliefs and biases.

Sue Gaussen of Bergvliet and Arthur Thiele of Fish Hoek have each won a copy of Steven Boykey Sidley’s Leaving Word.