A ‘good innings’ for Steenberg secretary

Joyce Davids with her husband Christopher Davids.

She’s been the face that greeted and welcomed pupils, parents and staff at Steenberg High School for more than 40 years – but stalwart secretary Joyce Davids, 65, has finally traded her admin hat for a retirement one.

Ms Davids, who is the longest serving school admin clerk in the Western Cape, officially retired at the end of August after 42 years at the school. She worked for four principals and with hundreds of teachers and thousands of pupils over the years.

The Coniston Park mother of three, who walked to work every morning for the past four decades, said she is tired and wants to spend her retirement years resting.

“The nearer I got to 65 the more I could feel that it was time to step down. I’ve had a good innings and did all I can for the department and the school,” said Ms Davids.

Asked what she will be doing with her new free time, Ms Davids said she will be spending it with her family, especially her children and grandchildren.

“They were very much looking forward to having me at home. I have two grandchildren and one on the way so I plan to spend a lot of my time with them,” she beamed.

The avid Manchester United fan is also planning to jet off to Old Trafford with her husband Christopher Davids in the near future.

Mr Davids said he was looking forward to spending more time with his wife.

“I have been retired for six years and I was waiting patiently for her to retire. All these years I have been waiting for her so that we can go see places and do things together. I also want her to rest because she’s worked hard and deserves the rest,” said Mr Davids.

Ms Davids said she will never forget the times at Steenberg High.

“To be part of the Steenberg family for so long has been a blessing because everybody has been very good to me. I feel honoured and I am proud that I could be part of the family. I will miss all of my colleagues and pupils and I thank everybody for letting me be part of their lives and part of this wonderful community,” she said.