A right to claim heritage

Sheila Jacobs, Cafda

How is it our rental housing tenants’ fault what happened to them under apartheid (“Cafda residents call on City to sell rental properties”, Southern Mail, October 18).

When democracy came it was the government’s duty to see that all could claim the heritage that was rightfully theirs.

Our people had to endure so much pain through the Group Areas Act, they had no say in their right to life.

But the injustice is becoming greater from the City of Cape Town which is holding people hostage by forcing them to comply with their policies.

They need to find a resolution to see that people can also claim their heritage to become property owners.

It’s not a policy matter, it’s their constitutional right as South African citizens; not only in Cafda/Retreat but all surrounding areas.

How can the Sectional Title Schemes Act be applied when the flat units are all different.

The City of Cape Town wants to use that against the people but the flats were not build according to Sectional Title Schemes Act.

They need to comply by the Code of Conduct so that there will not be any conflict between owners. It’s not like the Cape Flats residential flats that were implemented by the Group Areas Act.

All we ask is for justice for our flat tenants to their Heritage Lease Agreement that was between residents and the City of Cape Town, not only for our residents but for all residing in South Africa.