Actor, director share parenting tips

Pictured Regardt van den Berg and Clara Joubert with Bradley Williams.

Bradley Williams, an actor and motivational speaker who focuses on enriching the lives of children in New Horizon, invited actress Clara Joubert, from television programme Orkney Snork Nie and her husband, Regardt van den Berg, director of films such as Faith Like Potatoes, Van der Merwe PI and Boetie Gaan Border Toe, to give a few tips to parents on how to be active in their children’s lives, on Saturday June 11.

Mr Williams said: “My intention was to create the kind of vibe on Saturday which everyone enjoyed talking about watching this TV programme in those days.”

Mr Williams said Ms Joubert, who plays Hester van Tonder, and Mr Van den Berg, focused on the parents and how active they should be in their children’s life. “They spoke about what the children watch on TV and how they interact with people, the use of cellphones etc.”