Advocating for children’s rights

Pictured, from left, are the organisers of the children’s rights event, Dorothy Soetwater, representative of Hope Pentecostal; Cheryl Wareley, administrator Southern Suburbs Parliamentary Constituency Office (PCO); Insaaf Isaacs, founder of agentz4change (ANC Ward 65); David Yintso Lin, director of the Taipei Liaison Office; Judy Hermans, MP and liaison officer for Southern Suburbs (PCO); Adele Campbell, community activist in Lavender Hill; and Sophia Absolon, ANC member of Ward 110.

Non-profit organisation agentz4change which operates in Grassy Park and Lotus River, which advocates for children’s rights, co-hosted an event in Lavender Hill on Saturday April 2.

They partnered with Hope Pentecostal NGO, Southern Suburbs Parliamentary Constituency Office (PCO) and ANC Branches in wards 65 and 110.

Insaaf Isaacs, founder of agentz4change, said the aim of the event was to raise awareness about the rights of children.

“The goal of the event is to impart knowledge about children’s rights to 60 school-aged children, leveraging arts and culture in line with world café methodologies,” she said.

Ms Isaacs said the programme was supported by local civic organisations, as well as the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development which contributed booklets on human rights and children’s rights.

Judy Hermans, member of parliament, responsible for the Southern Suburbs PCO, spoke about girls and boys being equal – and warned them about people who may want to take advantage of them sexually. “Children should not allow other people to touch them in private places and should inform their parents immediately,” said Ms Hermans.

She added that: “It warms my heart to see different community organisations working together in service of the community and making our young aware from an early age about human rights and the rights they hold as members of society.”

The programme included a musical performance about children’s rights, focus group discussions, a public speaking contest and spot prizes, and refreshments were served.