‘Allow animal societies to operate in areas’

I’ve read the article (“Call for better pet care,” Southern Mail, July 14) concerning the pets of Parkwood Estate, residents and pensioners in particular. I’m also a pensioner and I feel for them. I also had a dog that had to be put down because of old age and medical problems. The reason I am sending this SMS is to say that there are many animal shelters such as Animal Welfare Society (AWS), TEARS and others that would like to help with all the problems people have with their pets. I would just like to know why they can’t go into different areas to help the people who can’t afford the fees that the SPCA charges. My wife phoned the AWS for help and she was told that they can’t go into certain areas because those are covered by the SPCA and they are not allowed to operate there. Why is it like that? That no other animal society who may be cheaper and that doesn’t’ charge so much for the help they give to owners. What gives the SPCA the right to stop other organisations from helping in other areas? Please help those who need help by allowing other societies to operate in these areas – Ronnie.

* Belinda Abraham, communications, education and resource development manager, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, responds:

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has investigated all the claims made in this article and found no evidence to substantiate them. The SPCA does not prevent any other organisations from working within our 11 000km2 area of operation. We welcome assistance from reputable animal welfare organisations because of the huge need for animal welfare services throughout Cape Town.