ARD 3 Vlei race lights up Grassy Park

Ommiedraai Athletics Club members Shariefa Rawoot, of Ottery, and Fairouz Nagia, of Kensington, were given certificates and gifts for completing their debut 10km race.

Hundreds of runners and walkers pounded the roads during the iconic ARD 3 Vlei race, on Sunday October 29. The race started at Fairmount High School, passed three wetlands in Grassy Park, including Princess Vlei, Rondevlei and Zeekoevlei. There were 5km and 10km races to choose from. Clubs from all over the Western Cape supported the event and there were lots of prizes and lucky draws. ROSHAN ABRAHAMS captured the fun.

Nantes Athletics Club members Achmat Adonis and Shafiek Bean, dressed in the bright colours of their club, relaxing after the race.
Fairways residents, brothers Ardiel Martin of Itheko Athletics Club and Khaalid Martin of Ommiedraai Athletics Club enjoyed a windy Sunday morning race.
Bo-Kaap Athletics Club members from left, Shanaaz Dollie, of Lotus River, Wahiba Kannemeyer, of Bo-Kaap, Hajiera Ely, of Bo-Kaap, and Shaheeda Slarmie, of Bo-Kaap, conquered the 10km race.
Hewat Athletics Club members Yusuf and his wife Zaida Orgill of Grassy Park completed the 10km race.
Ommiedraai Athletics Club member Tameem Velloo, 15, completed his first 10km race. He was supported by his grandfather Saait Joseph and grandmother Nabaweya of Lansdowne.