Aspirant entertainer following his dreams

Rezah Forbes is a budding comedian.

Schaapkraal’s Rezah Forbes, 18, is working towards his dream of becoming a professional entertainer.

The Grade 12 Pelican Park High School pupil also wants to be the “voice of the youth” to inspire them to follow their dreams.

His latest adventure was entering SA’s Got Talent and making it all the way to the semi-final round but missing out on the final. However, he said, “I don’t feel disappointed because I will have more time to sit with my books and I am also glad I made good contacts who want to set me up with gigs.”

The budding comedian is vibrant, funny and has the gift of the gab to be an entertainer.

Southern Mail was invited to one of his gigs where he was the Master of Ceremonies (MC) at Steenberg’s Rhodatul-Giekmah Educare Centre’s fund-raiser, held at the Grassy Park civic centre last week.

Sweat poured down Rezah’s face as he engaged with the audience, reading out the names of contestants in a lucky draw, making the moms and dads perform on stage, and entertaining all those present with his one-liners.

Amina Adams, principal of Rhodatul-Giekmah who married into the family of entertainer Emo Adams, said she thinks Rezah has talent. “Rezah is like a mini Emo.”

While Rezah is trying to juggle his school work and follow his passion, he stays level-headed.

“I love doing comedy and I’ve studied drama at school as well,” said Rezah.

And because stand-up comedy will not provide him a fixed income, he wants to study Human Resources (HR).

Rezah wants to encourage his peers to follow their dreams. “There are so many talented youth who can sing and dance but they do not believe in themselves. If you cannot believe in yourself then you cannot achieve your goals.”

He started his career at Perivale Primary School.

“I was in Grade 5 when I went on stage for the first time. I made a few jokes and I realised then, that I am good at it. In Grade 6 the school asked me to do stand-up at the end of year concert.”

From then onwards he said he was asked to entertain at many functions.

Rezah follows the motto: “Love what you do and do what you love.”

He said he loves shows of Kinders van die Ses and Emo Adams.

However, his role model is footballer Christiano Ronaldo. “I look up to him. He followed his dreams despite people not believing in him. He is also now giving back to the community by teaching the youth how to play soccer.”

Rezah said he believes the youth in his community need role models and local support. “I think one of the reasons why youth do not follow their dreams, is that they are afraid of failing.”

He advised them to never give up. “Try again if you fail, because you can only get stronger.”

Rezah said he is confident he will become a better comedian one day and “the community will have lots more to see of me in future.”