Aunty Gerty still elegant and smart at 107

Gerty Malan turned 107 years old this month.

Ottery’s Gerty Malan is still as elegant and smart as ever at the wise old age of 107.

Ms Malan, better known as Aunty Gerty, marked this astonishing milestone on Thursday August 17.

She had been a member of the church all her life and was a very strict Sunday school teacher. She belonged to the Women’s Fellowship at Uniting Reformed Church, in Wynberg.

Theresa Boks, a member of the church council, said Ms Malan used to be a primary school teacher. “She is an amazing woman with high values, a love for God, community and children.”

Despite being a little “forgetful and bedridden,” Ms Malan’s “general health is reasonably good for her age,” said Ms Boks.

“Ms Malan has dry sense of humour, and used to say, ‘I am quite a strict Sunday school teacher,’” smiled Ms Boks.

Gerty Malan marked an incredible age last week.

Ms Malan was also renowned for her creativity. “She used to give needlework and knitting classes once a week, at church. She was also very good at flower arranging and she could embroidered and crochet beautifully,” said Ms Boks.

Apart from being creative, Ms Malan, was and still is very “elegant and smart”.