Author shares ‘deep life lessons’ with Harmony pupils

Pupils received the book, My Happy Place.

Pupils at Harmony Primary School in Steenberg enjoyed a special reading by author, Helene Pam, who also handed out copies of her book.

Ms Pam has been visiting schools across the peninsula to conduct workshops and readings that will help pupils benefit from the important teachings in her books.

Thanks to generous sponsors, Ms Pam is also able to donate hundreds of books to the schools she visits.

Ms Pam, a mother of three, starting writing stories when her children were young.

The stories had deep life lessons because she wanted to teach them to believe in themselves, their greatness, their importance in the world and how much power they hold in their hands to make a positive difference to their own lives and the world.

“This was important to me, because when I was young, I never had that. I had no self-esteem and I wanted my children’s lives to be different.

“When my children grew up I took my many stories and filed them away because I didn’t believe I could achieve my dream of becoming an author,” she said.

Six years ago, her daughter, Sheleen Lepar, who lives in the United States illustrated one of the stories as a birthday gift for her mother.

Sheleen not only illustrated the story of Happy Bus, which was one of the books gifted to the schools, but she went on to have it published.

“She fulfilled my dreams of becoming an author. I was absolutely blown away by the gift and the amazing thing was, the book ‘Happy Bus’ was the start of the company Purple Splash Studios and me living my dream,” said Ms Pam of Century City.

Now the mother and daughter team are on a mission to spread happiness and inspire young minds.

They teach children to become deep thinkers, encourage self-belief, inspire kindness and empower them to achieve anything they set their minds to.

Other books published by Ms Pam are The Glasswinged Butterfly, My Gratitude and Dream Journal and My Happy Place.

Ms Pam hopes to visit many more schools to conduct workshops and donate books and but this depends on sponsorship.

The workshops cover subjects like self-reflection, self-belief, and the importance of living in gratitude, dreaming, the circle of control, goal setting and how to set steps to achieve goals. They run workshops for schools, small groups, private one-on-one workshops and even birthday parties.

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