Award for Parkwood community worker

Max Swartz Amansure receives his award from ward councillor Donavan Nelson.

Parkwood community worker Max Swartz Amansure, 23, has received an award from the ward councillor, recognising his efforts to help others.

Mr Amansure, is the founder and director of Parkwood Community Upliftment and has organised street clean-ups, feeding schemes and after-school programmes.

On Friday January 28, he received a Hero’s Award, during a ceremony at the Lotus River Multipurpose Centre.

Ward councillor Donavan Nelson launched the awards project to recognise the efforts of those working on the ground to make Ward 65 a better place.

“I always say our fruits will show for itself, so I am very happy that we received the award. Things haven’t been easy, I often have to dig in my own pockets, but I will continue to serve the community I love,” said Mr Amansure upon receiving his award.

His organisation hoped to run extra projects this year to help the needy, he said, including those battling addiction, depression and disabilities.

“We are offering them a host of programmes to try and help them to reintegrate back into the community. This is just one of the holistic ways we are trying to help.”

For more information about the projects, call Mr Amansure at 061 257 1738.