‘Back to school’ on Human Rights Day

Grassy Park Saps members supported Moving Forward Community Women.

Moving Forward Community Women, a non-profit organisation from Parkwood, held a “Back to school day”, at the Southern Suburbs Youth Academy, in Parkwood, on Human Rights Day, Tuesday March 21.

Grassy Park SAPS supported the women and Colonel Dawood Laing, highlighted the challenges they are facing today.

Moving Forward Community Women’s theme was “Back to school”,on Human Rights Day.

Zelda Manual, founder of Moving Forward said: “Human Rights Day is about being free to go to places where we couldn’t go during apartheid.”

Ms Manuel said the Back to School event was for them to feel “like children again, in our school days dressed in school uniforms. Some of the women still regret not finishing school.

“I want to encourage women that they can still go and do their matric. Don’t be a prisoner of your past, but be a pioneer for the future. We also want to urge the youth to finish their matric,” said Ms Manuel.