Battle to bring death tolls down

Keith Blake, Ottery

Year after year local authorities try to bring the death tolls down on our roads. Yes, we the citizens, in vehicles and on foot, appreciate these dedicated efforts in the form of high visibility, stop and checks and stiffer sentences for road offences.

The senior officials in road safety are forced on to media channels and briefings to explain how these deaths on our roads occur and they also try to justify their relevant efforts to stop road carnage.

Now I wanted to keep silent on my statement I am about to make but year after year the call to place my thoughts and reasoning on paper is getting stronger and I decided to truly be realistic on this subject and whether it is well or badly received is a matter of deep debate
of those reading or trying to analyse my reasoning.

Imagine we live in a fairy tale world of magical proportions and all live forever on planet earth as the world is now. In not many years, we will fill every inch of ground, in a world of turmoil, extreme tension and starvation because the balance of nature would be disturbed.

Now let us go to the truth as set out in God’s Word, the holy Bible, where it clearly states that it is appointed
once for man to die then thereafter there will be judgement. Looking at this truth, the Bible does not say when, at what age or in what circumstances we are to die, as each person has a God-appointed time on earth and a specific way of dying.

Let us just scrape the surface of a few causes, such as old age, sicknesses and diseases, war zones and criminal acts. Some of us die at birth, as teenagers, as middle age or old age but the big mystery is we do not know when or how we are to leave this world.

Here is my conclusion to the road traffic management. Yes, you can police or try to police the behaviour of the road, yes, you can arrest or fine the perpetrators of contravening the rules and laws governing road traffic, but you cannot stop the appointed time of a person’s death as that is in the hands of God.

We, mere mortals of flesh and blood, have not got that power to stop someone’s appointed death.
When one’s time is up then that time is up to the second appointed by God. So yes, you still have an extremely important job to do to police our highways and byways, we cannot dare to drive or walk without your dedicated services and your presence and your powers stated in the law books, but please realise you cannot stop one’s appointed time to die.