Bikes a gift to Square Hill

Ricky Hermanus, Rowen Mentor and Tamika Williams try out the new bicycles.

Square Hill Primary School’s aim to provide pupils with an all-round education got a boost last week thanks to a donation of 16 bicycles from the Rotary Club of Claremont and the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust.

Principal Grant Paulsen said the school is doing well academically but the vision is to develop the pupils holistically.

The school’s Education for Living programme includes activities such as Scrabble, chess, darts, mini cricket and hiking.

“We realised that it’s very important that we keep kids active and started various programmes which have grown and strengthened over the years,” said Mr Paulsen.

The school started its cycling club in 2013 and the children cycled with adult supervision to various locations during summer.

However, they needed to have their own bicycles.

Lester Cameron, a member of the Rotary club who facilitated the donation, said he supported the promotion of sports codes at schools.

“If this has a positive influence on just one child then that would make the project worthwhile in giving them an alternative and keeping them active,” he said.

Dave Bellairs, marketing manager of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, said getting youth involved in sport is important. “Hopefully one day we’ll see one of these kids taking part in the cycle tour,” he said.

Mr Paulsen thanked Mr Bellairs and Mr Cameron for the donations.