Bishop Clark touched many lives

Bishop Clark and his wife, Bridget.

Bishop Edward Peter Clark of the Christian Assemblies Church, in Parkwood, died on Monday April 2 following a long battle with cancer.

Bishop Clark touched the lives of many congregation members locally and internationally, families and friends along his journey.

Born on November 14 1948, he was the youngest son of Christiaan and Diana Clark.

Bishop Clark and Reverend Bridget Clark, eldest daughter of the late Sinclair Ehrenreich, were married for almost 40 years.

Bishop Clark had met the down-to-earth young woman in 1970 and fell hopelessly in love with her. They were married on December 16 1972. God blessed their marriage with their beautiful daughters, Esmeralda, Ruby-Ann and Krystle and a handsome son, Sinclair.

Bishop Clark used to say: “Bridget is my inspiration to success. She stood by me in the darkest of times, and in the happiest of times. She is my encouragement and pillar of strength. She is my wife, my friend and confidante, and I love her very much.”

At the age of 18, Bishop was elected as a Sunday school teacher. Five years later he was elected a youth leader and held his position for 13 years, serving on various youth boards. In 1977 he was ordained as deacon and shortly thereafter,
ordained as an elder of the church as sanctioned by the District Council and Head Bishop ND Swartz.

As time progressed, Bishop Clark became the first secretary of the District Council of the Western Cape and was elected the Regional Bishop of the Western Cape in 1998.

In 2004 Bishop Clark was ordained as the Head Bishop of Christian Assemblies International. He too had the privilege of travelling the world,

representing the Christian Assemblies District both locally and internationally. Some of his highlights include being an honorary guest of the Mayor of Bedford in London while ministering there, to visiting the full gospel Christian Assemblies International church conference in Chicago, USA, and also to visit the Vatican and historical biblical sites in Italy.

Bishop Clark’s funeral service will be held at Fairmount High School, on Sunday April 15, from 8am to 9am.

BLOB Lauren Howard is a member of the congregation.

For more information contact Ms Howard on 071 115 5843.

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