Body identified

Grassy Park police have confirmed that the body found buried in a shallow grave in Olympus Avenue, Lotus River, was that of 29-year-old Abenise Bowes.

Her body was found on a field behind her house on Sunday April 2 after she had been reported missing on Thursday March 30 (“Another woman dies,” Southern Mail April 5).

Neighbourhood watch members looking for Ms Bowes discovered her body after noticing a spot on the field where the soil looked like it had been recently dug up.

Police spokesperson Carol Strauss said although the body had been identified, the investigation was still ongoing as the cause of death was still unknown.

No arrests have been made yet.

Ms Bowes’s death follows the killings of Rene-Tracey Roman, 13, of St Montague Village, and Stacha Arendse, 11, of Tafelsig.