Body of infant found at dump-site

Lucinda Evans

Following the gruesome find of the body of yet another newborn, an organisation advocating for the rights of women and children, has reiterated its appeal to mothers in distress to make use of the help available.

Lucinda Evans, founder and director of Philisa Abafazi Bethu, shared on social media the tragedy of another innocent life ending despite measures that have been put in place to help. She’s referring to a case where the body of an infant was found at the Coastal Park landfill site in Muizenberg behind Capricorn last week.

At about 7.30am on Wednesday
March 5, officers from the City of Cape Town’s law enforcement department who were on duty discovered what they
initially thought were the legs of a doll protruding from a plastic bucket among the general waste at the site.

Law enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dayson said upon investigation they discovered it was the body of a newborn baby. “An ambulance was called and a paramedic declared the infant to be deceased. SAPS was informed and they will investigate further,” he said.

Ms Evans said she was devastated with the news of the baby’s body found less than five kilometres from the baby safe, Babe Saver, that was launched by Philisa Abafazi Bethu in 2018 (“Babe Saver meets a need”, Southern Mail, October 17, 2018). It is an easy to use invention built into a wall at Ms Evans’ homes in Hilary
Avenue in Lavender Hill.

Motherscanplacethebaby into the incubated saver and close the door, which automatically locks. This will trigger an alarm and five responders will be notified.

The first person to respond will have access to a baby room on the premises to get the baby stabilised and to contact emergency
services. After hospitalisation the baby will be placed into foster care or in the adoption process as per the law.The baby’s life is then saved and the mother has the option to get in contact with the organisation afterwards if or when she is ready to see her child.

“The first thought was the mom and the choice she made. Was she supported? What was the pregnancy like? How did she feel after the birth, was she emotionally okay and did she have enough to eat,
does she herself have a place to stay?” said Ms Evans.

“I also thought about where she is now, what she is going through right now, emotionally, mentally. A baby’s
body was found, there is a mother out there who needs help and support.

“There are women out there pregnant with no options and no choices,” said Ms Evans.

Muizenberg police spokesperson, Cap tain Stephen Knapp, said they were investigating a case of concealment of birth and the circumstances of death. He encouraged anyone with information to contact the station on 021 787 9000 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

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