‘Boebe night’ in Village Heights

Th children line up for food on the 15th night of Ramadaan.

Mareldia Ackers, of Village Heights, has a soft spot for children, and she dug deep into her pocket to feed them, on “Boebe night”, the 15th day of Ramadaan, on June 21.

Mareldia, 55, and her daughters, Nadia and Toegieda, made two 60-litre pots of boebe and soup and served more than 100 children.

“My heart goes out to children and I know they are good children. I give them soup every month. This month of Ramadaan I thought I would make them a nice meal and hopefully I will be doing so for the last 10 days of Ramadaan,” she said.

Nadia said: “Every month my sister and I give something towards the food or we ask for donations from family and friends.”

Mareldia has been living in Village Heights for 11 years and about nine years ago, on December 26, her house caught alight.

He son, Ekeraam, was in the house, and sadly died in the fire.

“Everything was burnt. We had to start over. I didn’t have a husband, to help me, because he died a long time ago. I am now living with one of my children.”

She said after Ramadaan she is hoping to continue with her charity work.

“I will do this forever, because I cannot stand seeing children go hungry,” said Mareldia.