Book launch

Pictured are author Collatain Hendricks-Cloete’s family, front, from left, are her parents Vivian and Brian Hendricks and at back, her siblings, Millisa Ramia, Ms Cloete and Lester Hendricks.

Collatain Hendricks-Cloete, launched her new book The Hills are Alive, at the Cape of Good Hope Lions Clubhouse, in Plumstead, on Saturday December 2. Ms Cloete thanked Cape of Good Hope Lions, the hosts of the launch, Debrah Bentham Philisa Abafasi Bethu who spoke about the organisation on empowering women in areas such as Lavender Hill and she thanked her publisher Lauren Mooi Publisher.

Pictured are friends Ms Hendricks-Cloete grew up with in Lavender Hill, Cheryl Wessels, Claudine Huisjer, Ms Hendricks-Cloete, Dawn Barrow and Desiree Abrahams.

From left, are Natalie Poggenpoel, Enid Shanker, Jamiela Salie, Collatain-Hendricks Cloete and Cheryl Arendse.

Picture of Debrah Bentham of Philisa Abafazi Bethu and Collatain Hendricks-Cloete