Bootcamp to boost youth

Youth participating in tug of war

The Grassy Park SAPS Youth Desk Crime Prevention Unit and Move SA, a health and wellness company, hosted a free bootcamp session, to promote teamwork and unity and leadership qualities among the youth, at the Vaderlandsche Rietvlei Site Farm Philippi, on Saturday March 26.

Saadiqah Ganief, deputy chairperson of the Grassy Park Youth Desk Crime Prevention Unit, said youngsters from from Ottery, Grassy Park, Parkwood Estate, Lotus River, New Horizon and Pelican Park participated. “The youth were handed a fitness programme that included 1km jog around the farm, obstacle courses, minefield games and the showstopper, tug-of-war in the mud pit.”

Shiraaj Jumat participating in one of the obstacle courses

Captain Wynita Kleinsmith, spokesperson for Grassy Park SAPS and Danny Kwamba of Move SA presented the youth with motivational talks.

Ms Ganief said: “Due to fear that the police are the enemy, the Grassy Park SAPS Youth Desk wanted to show our youth that besides policing and servicing the community with protection, SAPS too want the best for our future generation.”