Boy, 6, suffers from severe burns after bomb explosion

Six-year-old Mikhail Jacobs from New Horizon in Pelican Park suffered severe burns to his eyes, face, chest and stomach after a home-made acid bomb exploded in his hands on Thursday November 2.

Mikhail, a Zeekoevlei Primary School Grade 1 pupil, was on his way home from school near Haroon Street in Eagle Park when a 17-year-old boy from the community approached him and told him to shake the explosive liquid which was in a 500ml plastic bottle.

Munadia Maarsdorp, a community worker from Haroon Street, was heading home when she heard the explosion and Mikhail’s wailing.

She ran to Mikhail’s aid and found the little boy covered in blood.

“I took him into the neighbour’s house and put a wet facecloth over his face and his skin started coming off, everything was covered in blood,” says Ms Maarsdorp.

Mikhail’s mother, Andrika Jacobs, says that doctors at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital are worried that Mikhail might lose his sight.

“They have tried opening his eyes but his eyelids are shut,” says Ms Jacobs.

Graham Richie, Zeekoevlei Primary School principal, said Mikhail’s brother Tariq, who is also in Grade 1, was traumatised by what had happened to his brother.

Warrant Officer Wynita Kleinsmith, spokesperson for Grassy Park police, said she had checked the system and there were no reports of the attack on Mikhail.

“We advise the parents of this child to come and lay a formal charge at Grassy Park SAPS,” says Warrant Officer Kleinsmith.