Boys die in quad bike accident

Police are investigating a case of culpable homicide after two 9-year-old boys were killed in a quad bike accident over the weekend.

Abdu Dayaan Roode, from Hanover Park, and Qiyaam Stemmet, were driving a quad bike on Saturday afternoon, August 4, when they lost control and crashed into a house in Lynburg Road in Pinate Estate.

Abdu Dayaan, who was steering the bike, died on the scene and Qiyaam died later at hospital due to multiple head inju-

Qiyaam, who resided in Parkwood, spent the weekend at his father’s house in Hanover Park. Both boys were buried according to Muslim rites on Sunday.

According to the head of visible policing at Philippi police station, Colonel Dawood Laing, the quad bike, which belongs to the neighbour, was confiscated about four months ago after numerous complaints from residents.

“The bike was returned to the owner and he was given a warning. These boys are used to driving the bike. The boys had no protective gear on and, on the bike, it clearly states ‘no under 16’s allowed’ and ‘may not be used on a public road’. It can only be driven on a field or a designated track,” he said.

Colonel Laing said the boys’ parents are devastated.

“Parents need to always supervise their children when playing with mechanical toys or instruments. Protective gear and the right age is essential,” he said.