Boys meet their soccer heroes

Rilo Dido, Zaydin Julies and Reyes Lategan, were elated to be paired up with players Lyle Lakay, Jaedin Rhodes and Tara Fielies.

Children from Parkwood, Grassy Park, Pelican Park and Lavender Hill were given the opportunity to be mascots at the DStv premiership match between Cape Town City and Marumo Gallants on Tuesday March 14.

Thanks to a collaboration between NPO Hope for Change Foundation and the Cape Town City, 22 boys attended the game, at the DHL Cape Town Stadium, in Green Point, which ended in a 2-2 draw.

Thurston Lategan, one of the directors and founder of Hope for Change Foundation, based in Grassy Park, said the boys will never forget the experience.

“The parents contacted us to say that they were so excited after 10pm that they could not sleep. Some said one day they will play on that field. An introvert also came out of his shell and couldn’t stop talking of how he wants to play soccer,” said Mr Lategan.

“The players were very interactive and they gave each boy a Cape Town City soccer jersey,” said Mr Lategan.

“I believe, if you are able to give hope and vision to a child by showing them what they can achieve irrespective of their current circumstances you can change the way they think and their future in one moment. Our slogan is to resuscitate hope and that is exactly what we aim to do in the lives of our vulnerable youth in the underprivileged communities,” said Mr Lategan.

Pictured from left are Tasneem Erasmus, Thurston Lategan, Jade Ables with the mascots.