Bradley gives youth hope for the future

Pictured, from left, are the Williams family, father Benjamin, Bradley and mother Elizabeth in their family home in Pelican Park.

Never let go of your dreams and do not let your circumstances hold you back.

These are the words of aspiring actor, Bradley Williams, a former Retreat resident who is now seeking fame on the silver screen in Johannesburg.

It was at Sibelius High School in Retreat where Bradley took up drama as an extra-mural activity and this sparked his desire to be on television.

However, because of his circumstances at the time, he thought he would never be able to fulfil his dream.

But while reading TV plus magazine he saw an advert for an opportunity to join Brumilda’s Acting Academy and Agency in Johannesburg, The acting school is owned by South African actress Brumilda van Rensburg.

Bradley had to raise the funds needed to attend the course. He said his family supported him during the time of need.

In 2006, Bradley headed off to Johannesburg to complete the three-month course and was closer to realising his dreams.

However, he had some personal setbacks on returning to Cape Town.

“In 2010 I lost my brother and I had to work alone for my mother. In the back of my mind I was thinking I might never get to where I want to be but I just thought that I would not allow things to stand in my way,” says Bradley.

He made the bold decision to quit his job and take on acting full time.

In June 2016 Bradley featured in soapie 7de Laan, playing the role of a waiter in the coffee shop.

Bradley then signed up with an agent and made an appearance in other popular local television shows. He played a short role as a Sibeko Gold client in Isidingo; was a guest at a party in Rhythm City; walked into a coffee shop for drinks with his girlfriend in Muvhango; and was an emergency service assistant rescuing someone who was stuck in a lift in Generations.

He also had a feature role on Broken Vows where he was a groom in a wedding.

Bradley enjoys being on set and working with different casts.

He contacts his family to give them the heads up when he might be featuring in a particular scene.

“My first experience on set was awesome and it was like here I am sitting with people who I had only seen on TV,” said Bradley.

He is looking forward to a bright new year and wants to show off his potential as a lead actor.

“Nothing happens overnight or in a day, this has taken a lot of struggles to get somewhere, I do not want to be famous but I would like to make a difference through my acting,” says Bradley.

He hopes to take on roles which portray real life issues which others can relate to and learn from.