Breakfast club takes Lavender Hill by storm

Children at Roos Court enjoying their breakfast.

A breakfast club initiative is growing bigger by the week and taking Lavender Hill and the surrounding areas by storm.

Southern Mail reported earlier this month how some mothers have started making pots of porridge to feed pupils who use their block of flats as a thoroughfare to get to school in the morning (“Feeding the need”, Southern Mail, Wednesday February 7).

Now women from other courts and streets have decided to start their own breakfast clubs under the Wicht Court NPO banner.

So far Roos and Stephen Court in Lavender Hill and St Barnard Street in St Montague Village have joined the initiative by starting their breakfast clubs this week and Wicht Court Association chairperson, Adele Campbell, encouraged more people to start a breakfast club in their court or street for hungry children who do not have a meal in the morning.

Jennifer Jacobs from the Roos Court breakfast club said she decided to join the breakfast club and serve a meal to hungry children because she wanted to give back to her community.

“I retired last year and I decided to get involved when I saw the article in the Southern Mail because I was inspired.

“These children have nothing to eat and when a child is hungry he or she cannot perform well at school. The look on the children’s faces when they receive the meal is the best feeling because you can see they appreciate it,” said Ms Jacobs.

She encouraged other communities in Lavender Hill to get involved.

Julia Julie from the Stephen Court breakfast club said the initiative has the ability to build a strengthened community. “We want to help the community by helping the children of Lavender Hill. Many parents can’t afford a meal for their children so we are happy to assist. Many children left school because they went hungry,” she said.

Community leader Aysha Davids said they decided to start the breakfast club because it is a noble cause.

“This is proof to the children that there are people who care about them.

“They can sit down, eat and talk. We, however, need the help of other residents because at the moment we are getting ingredients from the Wicht Court Association. Residents can add a bag of maize meal or oats to their shopping list and help us feed the children of Lavender Hill,” said Ms Davids.