Brenda teaches dance to inspire women

Pictured in front is Brenda Gosling and her line dance class.

For much of Brenda Gosling’s life, dancing was a secret passion… forbidden first by her parents and later by her husband, but at 60 she is finally doing what she was born to do and loving every minute of it.

The Grassy Park resident is now teaching women to line dance and she finds great joy in being able to make a difference in the community at her dance centre called Lady B dance school.

Her desire to dance stems from when she was a little girl. “I used to watch ballet dancers at a dance school in Wynberg when I was four years old because my parents didn’t want me to dance. I would secretly go and watch dancers at dance schools and would copy them.”

She grew up with a passion to dance and when she got married she moved to Grassy Park, but if she thought adulthood would give her more freedom to pursue her dreams she was wrong.

“My husband didn’t want me to dance and he used to never even want me to leave the house. In 2010, I got divorced and I didn’t know what to do because I never worked. I thought my life was over. But when I attended Grassy Park Methodist Church I prayed that God must place me where the need is. He placed me in Parkwood where I taught one lady how to do line dancing.

“Then I went to Grassy Park civic centre where I teach seniors free of charge. I received a certificate of appreciation for doing work in the community from the Department of Sports and Recreation four years ago.”

But Brenda doesn’t simply teach dance, she also lends an ear to the women as they share their problems with her.

“I am doing what I love doing. I could have chosen another route but this is my dream – to teach dance. It gives me great joy to be able to make a difference in the lives of women.”

One of the members of the dance group, Cheryldene Hector, says the past year she has spent in Brenda’s group has been very inspirational.

My initial view was that is for senior citizens only but I found this not to be. There is no discrimination in age. All the women are so enthusiastic, encouraging and so much fun. The gather
ings with other groups from the various communities really show the unity when you see 200 
people at a given event dancing 
to the up-tempo music. It is a 
blast. People should come and experience the transforma-

One of the first members of the group Jean Moses does line dancing to relax.

“I enjoy it because this is my ‘me time’. After being busy at home I come here and all tiredness fades.”

She says Brenda “has so much patience to teach us and everyone loves her”.

Sandra September says the dancing has made her more disciplined about exercise and her general wellbeing.
“The environment is positive and friendly and always leaves one feeling so encouraged.”

For more information about the dance sessions, call Brenda at 083 502 3346.