Build bridges

Clive Jacobs, Lavender Hill

The outreach work I do in the community is my passion. To all the negative people out there, I have told you many times before that no value was ever added from your side over these years.

You people have no idea of being helpful in any way but you use your time to see everything with a critical eye and to condemn those who deliver transparent and sustainable work; people who protect your children for a safer tomorrow.

Over the years I have never gotten paid a cent for projects from local government or foreign investors or aid but still I tried to make a difference in our community.

I am a gay activist and a fearless gay man who gained a lot of respect over the three decades because I was raised with respect towards all, no matter their colour, creed, age or life style.

I gained my respect by respecting all. Our people of colour in this small township of Lavender Hill and surroundings must work on trying to say to one another how much we love each other and not be so negative towards each other by thinking so little of each other, especially community leaders who think that they do everything right and use social media to brighten the flag they carry.

Our communities must come aboard and avail themselves and be more flexible so that we can achieve our goals of solidarity.

My appeal to you, the so-called leaders, is to be bold and face me. Stop bad-mouthing me and rather measure work being done.

I am here to stay because what you do now as community leaders I have been doing for over 25 years. Your negativity makes me even richer in love and richer in my transparency and sustainability.

I pray for you as I am enriched with God’s love. Unity is what we need in order to overcome our fears and challenges. We can only achieve our mission if we can forgive and forget and become a united front. It’s never my aim to be famous. I gave and never expected rewards. Join me if you can’t equal me, join me if you can’t beat me, after all I am transparent and really have nothing to hide.

Our communities are suffering because of our division in our society. I wish you well but I am here to stay and build bridges, not freezer boxes.