Businessman offers free masks

Business owner, Henry Ludski, wearing his mask.

Small Woodstock-based business owner, Henry Ludski is working on completing one million face masks to distribute for free to the most vulnerable communities during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Ludski, 61, from Wynberg, who grew up in Grassy Park, says his small business, Colourplus Textiles, specialises in making fashion design items like bags and scarves and printing flag colours and colours and designs on materials.

He says he saw the importance of making face masks during this pandemic.

“I saw how privileged people were doing bulk shopping – they were cleaning out the shops, buying most of the hand sanitisers and face masks and most poor people can’t afford to bulk shop to buy those important items to protect themselves during this crisis,” he said.

Mr Ludski says he has over
30 000 metres of material which was left over from a job he did last year which he will use to make the face masks

He says it is active wear material, which is waterproof. “There is not a hundred percent guarantee that the masks will protect you from the virus, though the primary focus is especially for children not to touch their faces,” he said.

Mr Ludski says he has taken
a lot of advice from hospitals
who helped him refine his masks.

He has a team of 10 people working with him, and during the lockdown Mr Ludski
will continue to work as he has permission from police to operate as an essential service.

He will be staying on his small business premises in Woodstock. He says he has a shower and toilet facilities and a mattress to sleep on.

So far he has made around
280 000 masks, which he plans to distributing to non-profit organisations that work with children and would like to deliver to areas like Khayelitsha, Langa, Gugulethu, Heideveld and Mitchell’s Plain.

Mr Ludski would like to help more communities depending on how much more masks he can make. A courier company will be assisting Mr Ludski with the delivery of the masks for free.

His masks will be made to accommodate adults and children and they are decorated with various superhero and patriotic themes which can inspire and give hope.

Mr Ludski’s small business has fallen on hard times, having lost a few business contracts, however, he got some help from business connections to assist with the face masks. He would have liked to have provided free hand sanitisers but could not afford that expense.

If anyone would like to assist Mr Ludski with making masks or any other items that can help fight Covid-19, you can WhatsApp him on 079 138 1875.