Call to stop attacks on uniformed staff

Pictured are representatives of the Grassy Park Community Police forum, metro ambulance, Traffic Services, the Fire and Rescue Service, Grassy Park Police Youth Desk, neighbourhood watches across Grassy Park, and metro police, as well as ward councillor Gerry Gordon.
Pictured are the Grassy Park Community Police forum, Saps, metro ambulance, traffic, fire and rescue, Grassy Park Police Youth Desk, Neighbourhood watches across Grassy Park and metro police.

The Grassy Park community police forum and other stakeholders hosted an awareness campaign to stop the ongoing attacks on staff uniformed staff, on Saturday April 9.

Lotus River and New Horizon residents welcomed the contingent and when sirens were heard people came out, wanting to know what was happening, said Nicole Jacobus, deputy chairperson of Grassy Park CPF.

An appeal was made to the community that it’s not right for ambulance and Fire and Rescue personnel, to have to wait to be escorted into any area because they fear being attacked.

“We all suffer waiting hours for much needed services,” said Ms Jacobus.

The next campaign will be in the Ottery area on Saturday April 23. For more information contact Ms Jacobus on 083 743 4766.