Calling all Lavender Hill and Vrygrond writers to start next project

After the success of the book Women Surviving Lavender Hill, New World Foundation is starting their next writing project, which will focus on substance and alcohol abuse.

The first book, coordinated by writing course trainer, Kim Pillay, captured the stories of women living in the community.

The foundation is now looking for men and women older than 18 who are interested in joining an eight-month writing project.

Substance or alcohol abusers as well as their family and friends can take part. The stories will focus on coping and survival

The only requirements are having basic skills in English writing. The writers can be from Lavender Hill, Vrygrond and the surrounding areas. You must be available on weekdays since the writing training will be held during the week in Lavender
Hill only.

You will receive training on how to type on a computer and learn writing skills with healing from trauma methodology. All selected writers will work towards a deadline.

All you need to do is go to the New World Foundation on Thursday March 8, at 1pm. For more information, contact Kim on 021 701 1150 or visit the office, in Grindal Avenue, Lavender