Camera room on point in Grassy Park

Mayor Dan Plato, dignitaries, neighbourhood watch members and ward councillor Shanen Rossouw, attended the launch of the camera control room in Grassy Park.

A new camera control room for Ward 110 was launched through the City of Cape Town on Friday November 23.

The event at the Grassy Park civic centre was attended by mayor Dan Plato and other dignitaries who were invited to celebrate the good news.

Ward councillor Shanen Rossouw said the idea for the camera system was put into action in 2015.

Wards 65, 66 and 68 were also asked to come on board.

“Violence can only be changed with safety and commitment. We also commend the neighbourhood watch members who gave their time unselfishly in partnering with the City.”

More than 12 cameras have been installed in areas such as Lavender Hill, Cafda, Grassy Park, Lotus River and Ottery.

The camera system will be manned by trained neighbourhood watch members from the different wards.

The camera control system idea, which was initially launched by chairperson of the Retreat Steenberg Civic Association (RSCA), Mark Solomons, called the Real Idea, was mentioned at the meeting.

Southern Mail has covered most of the Real Idea’s progress since 2012.

The Retreat camera system was presented in 2013 to JP Smith, mayoral committee member for safety and security, and social services, and since then six cameras have been installed in the Retreat, Steenberg and surrounding areas through ward allocation funds.

Mr Solomons said the Real Idea is not only a CCTV camera system but also a community initiative to create opportunities for alliances and connections with new partners.

“This will be a control centre with a database that will help create employment for the community and entrepreneurs.

“We encourage the community to take control of the camera room and to uplift their community in every area.”

The Real Idea control room will officially be up and running on Friday December 21.