Camp for women

Cecilia Rose, Grassy Park

Agape Kingdom Vision is a fairly new NPO working with women facing domestic violence.

Our organisation is hosting a camp for 30 to 60 women of all communities in May.

The camp is called “Break the Chains” because we aim to break the chains of abuse as we break the silence of gender-based violence.

As an NPO we solely rely on donations and therefore we seek your monetary donations, big or small, to assist our unemployed women (mothers, wives and daughters) of all communities who are faced with abuse on a daily basis to attend our empowering and healing camp.

The camp will take place at a peaceful lodge situated on a reserve in the southern suburbs.

Our mission is to empower our women and therefore build families.

We will also create awareness of the various abuse that women face daily.

The cost of the full camp is R650 a person for the complete weekend and this includes meals.

Agape Kingdom Vision aims to have in the future these types of camps as an initiative to build communities and families.

Please call our organisation on 083 998 2920 if you would like to help.

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