Car club appeal

Tariq Paulse, Petrol Dubz Charity Car Club

I founded Petrol Dubz Charity Car Club in December last year. Our aim is to uplift communities to the best of our ability and to the greatest extent.

We attempt to assist as many families or organisations on a weekly basis. Our most recent charity was Baby Run 2021, which was a donation run in aid of a Parkwood baby aged four months and her family.

We had a few clubs come together and assist us with the charity as we believe that it takes more than one organisation to uplift a community.

At Baby Run 2021 we partnered with a few other clubs and organisations such as Jap Outlawz Toyota Club, Toy Soldiers Toyota Owners, Dub Natics, VenomzWorx and Klip Community Development Organisation.

For our latest campaign called Support a Family 1500, we would like to call on everyone in various communities and in the business society to come on board, show support and assist us in providing families with small donation packages.

We ask for assistance with any of the following items to go in the packages: tinned food, sugar, and sanitiser.

If you would like to make any type of contribution, contact me on 063 331 8972.