Care packs for Battswood Primary kids

Stephen Langman addressed the children before the handover of the sanitary and toiletries packs and socks.

Grade 7 girls and Grade 3 boys at Battswood Primary School, in Ottery were given toiletries packs by a local organisation which teamed up with the area’s ward councillor.

The packs included a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, face cloth and an Easter egg for the girls, and for boys, the same toiletry pack, including a pair of school socks sponsored by Bergvliet Lions Club.

Stephen Langman of the Honeybun Foundation, a non-profit organisation in Plumstead and Ward 63 councillor Carmen Siebritz teamed up to give the children a surprise.

Ward 63 councillor Carmen Siebritz helps a pupil put on a pair of socks.

Mr Langman said when he started his organisation in 2014, he saw that there was a need to feed children.

“I believe no one should be hungry and your basic needs should be met to keep yourself clean. I grew up in the Ottery area and I’ve been driving past Battswood School all the years, so they are very close to my heart.”

Ms Siebritz said she met Mr Langman at the Bergvliet Lions Club Soc-a-thon. “It’s at the event where the conversation started and we both agreed that Battswood Primary School would be the beneficiary. I believe in the concept of ‘no child left behind’,” said Ms Siebritz.