Celebration to praise educators who teach future leaders

Rhukaya Abdurahman, an occupational therapist, getting ready to instruct the audience, and Annette Roberts, master of ceremonies, assisting with holding the microphone.

A teacher’s appreciation day celebration was held at Grassy Park Nursery in Seventh Avenue on Saturday October 7.

Pre-school teachers were entertained at a beautifully decorated hall by guest speakers who encouraged them to be recognised as the educators of future presidents, technicians, musicians and leaders.

Melissa Jacobs, chairperson for the South African Congress Early Childhood Development (SACECD), said they are in the process of having a policy workshop to establish how to get better support for pre-school teachers.

“We are being shifted from pillar to post hence us feeling that we are not important,” said Ms Jacobs.

Rhukaya Abdurahman is an occupational therapist who works with a few of the pre-schools, focusing on childhood development.

Ms Abdurahman took the audience through some physical activity steps which raised awareness about how muscle tone can affect a child’s ability to learn and an adult’s concentration.

Ashleen Marcus, a representative from Inclusive Education South Africa, an NPO which promotes and supports positive models of inclusive education in schools, pre-schools and other centres of learning, encouraged all teachers and principals to make use of the opportunity to join their two-day work-

“This is what I have to offer as an organisation as it is free and available, we work with you, we do the theory where we help you to accommodate every child in your class at the point of his or her developmental need,” says Ashleen.

The afternoon ended off in a good spirit as the passion for working with children was discussed, principals and teachers received their certificates of appreciation, lunch was served and it was time to socialise.