Cell mast objection in Zeekoevlei

Jody van den Heever, Zeekoevlei

It has come to my attention that a cellphone tower is potentially being erected in our community.

My concern is that no form of community engagement has been structured by the parties involved in the erection of the tower. I reside less than 100m from the designated site and have not received any form of notification pertaining to the plans, as I’m sure no other residents have received official notification either.

Most people have become aware of this through an article written in the Southern Mail (“Cell mast not welcome in Zeekoevlei”, Southern Mail July 4).

It is alarming that the community is made aware within seven days of the cut-off date for any objections, leaving little time to coordinate any form of argument.

It is easy to argue that there is no sufficient evidence to support that telecommunication stations are harmful to humans, however, we should note that there is no conclusive evidence proving that these towers pose no risk to our health at all.

Another concern is also the visual hindrance of this tower in the community and its possible effect on property value depreciation

I would like clarification on the following:

* What is the time frame in which communities must be notified and provide feedback?

* What is the procedure and was it met?

* Is there evidence of community engagement? Was a forum provided?

* Is there an environmental impact study on the tower in the area?

* Specifically its impact on the nature reserve and the effects on the wildlife, who are more vulnerable to RFR (radio frequency radiation) . Refer to Ramazzini Institute Study, 22 March 2018 Animal Study on Base/Cell Tower Radiofrequency Radiation.

* The possible impact on humans through exposure.

* The proximity of the cell towers so close to one another: 21 Victoria Road and 67 Victoria Road, Grassy Park.

As a resident of Zeekoevlei and the larger Grassy Park area, I feel we have not been given a reasonable time-frame in which to respond appropriately in light of the lack of appropriate notification from the stakeholders of this particular project.