Child protection awareness

Roger Daames and his daughter Shaley Du Preez make their mark on the banner.

As South Africa observed Child Protection Week a Vrygrond organisation did its bit to raise awareness.

National Child Protection Week, which ran from Wednesday May 29 to Wednesday June 5, is observed every year to raise awareness of the rights of children as declared by the Children’s Act of 2005.

The campaign began in 1997 with the aim of mobilising people to ensure children are cared for and protected.

Where Rainbows Meet (WRM) Training and Development foundation hosted various activities and lessons to children at the organisation to teach them about their rights.

On Wednesday May 29 pupils from the organisation’s
early childhood development (ECD) centre made posters with their parents and teachers and made a banner with their handprints on them to show solidarity with the campaign and to say “hands off our children”.

“We wish to encourage all parents and children alike to be aware of stranger danger

at all times and to keep raising awareness so that we can become a more conscious and educated nation that will prevent abuse, kidnapping and ultimately murder,” said Kyle Cupido, project manager at WRM.