Civic association launched to assist residents

The exco (members of the Wynberg East Civic Association (WECA) are pictured from left, Hishaam Nordien, treasurer; Yunus Karriem, vice chairperson; Judy Ferdenando; chairperson; Yumna Abrahams, secretary; and Abdul Kareem Adams, chief project coordinator.

The Wynberg East Civic Association (WECA) was launched in response to the many issues which residents have been raising
with the neighbourhood watches.

Eden Safety and Security (ESS) neighbourhood watch and a few Wynberg residents who have been living in the area for between 20 and 40 years, celebrated the launch of the civic association on Monday March 12.

Secretary of ESS and WECA, Yumna Abrahams, said: “Our neighbourhood watch can now focus on issues such as crime and will be relieved from civic issues.”

Chairperson of WECA, Judy Ferdenando, said the executive committee will not tell the community what to do. “However, the civic will be transparent and there will be participation and consultation with the community before any decisions are made.”

Ms Ferdenando said the civic association will consult with SAPS, the community police forum (CPF), mosques, churches and other bodies to present their issues. “We will then prioritise the issues and we will have meetings once every three months.”

Members Hishaam Nordien, 42, and Yunus Karriem, 42, said they were born and bred in Wynberg so they are fully aware of the challenges in the area

Chief project coordinator of WECA, Abdul Kareem Adams will be responsible for assisting and facilitating the relevant sub-committees and all co-opted members and project leaders in Wynberg. “I am retired and I have been giving up my time to help the community,” he said.

Some of the civic associations objectives are to keep itself informed of the affairs of the City and other public bodies, especially regarding matters that affect residents and property and business ownerss in Ward 63 and adjacent suburbs.

Other objectives of the civic association are to promote, enhance and protect the built environment and the natural environment of Wynberg East, in keeping with its present open and natural character and with the heritage of the area.

They aim to do this through the protection and maintenance of conservation-worthy buildings, structures and open tracts of land and that which contributes to a sense of place.

Also on their agenda is the protection and sustainability of natural flora and fauna; and to initiate and promote community projects and fund-raising opportunities.

Other pressing challenges which Wynberg residents are facing are water issues such as water cuts due to pipe bursts.

For more information, call Ms Abrahams on 078 220 7241.