Clean up

Wynberg East Neighbourhood Watch members, City officials and concerned residents of Wynberg were cleaning the streets of Wynberg.

Wynberg residents, who are fed up with the mess in their area, have called on their neighbours to join in bi-weekly clean-up operations. The initiative started when resident Salwa Beukes, who is also the chairperson of the Wynberg East Neighbourhood Watch, noticed how filthy Wynberg had become. She immediately shared the message in her group chat and was surprised with the response from people in the community who shared her sentiments. They immediately planned a clean-up and jumped into action, on Sunday September 1, when they started cleaning at the Wynberg terminus from 8am and worked their way towards South Road, with the help of their neighbours and their children. For more information about this cleaning campaign or if you want to join, contact Ms Beukes on 083 343 7408.