Club empowers its ‘recycled teenagers’

Faiqah Semaar, Constable Taylia Vraagom, Captain Wynita Kleinsmith and Dawn Fish.

Senior citizens must remain active – that was the message at an event hosted by Timeless Care for Seniors, an organisation that cares for the elderly, for International Older Persons’ Day, on Thursday October 1, at Jolly Carp, in Retreat.

Fifteen seniors from Grassy Park, Retreat, Lavender Hill, Lotus River, and Hanover Park attended the event, which had guest speakers and entertainment.

Dawn Fish, the deputy chairperson and head of programmes for the organisation, was the MC, and Mary-Ann Bergman from the City of Cape Town’s department of social development motivated the guests to continue to stay active in all parts of their life.

Captain Wynita Kleinsmith, spokesperson for Grassy Park police, spoke about safety and told the seniors to remain vigilant as they were targeted by criminals.

Captain Kleinsmith also informed them about volunteer counsellors at various police stations, designated specifically for complaints made by senior citizens.

Faiqah Semaar, founder and director of Timeless Care for Seniors, said the guests were reminded to continue to have fun and fulfil their dreams and goals.

“And that they are, as Ms Bergman had mentioned, actually ‘recycled teenagers’.”

The aim of the organisation is to encourage the seniors to learn new skills instead of just sitting at home and being inactive.

“Our objective is to assist our seniors to be mentally, socially, financially and physically active. Lockdown has been very challenging with regards to getting our seniors at one place for activities. We are hopeful in having more events and focus on more active events and outings.”

The organisation provides social welfare support services, administrative support, a seniors’ weekly club, interactive activities, awareness programmes and information sharing.

Ms Semaar said they are hoping to start the activities in February, “depending on Covid-19, and time and venue will be confirmed.”