Colourful Vrygrond houses to uplift spirits

Jacobus Borens, Christopher Bregnaar, Rodney Moolman, Ricardo Murray and German volunteers Lena Morlok and John Froese.

An organisation brought some colourful cheer to Vrygrond when they painted homes in vivid colours during a three-week project.

The Sunrise Kids Foundation had applied for funding from various companies and received 1 200 litres of paint.

Instead of selling the paint, they decided to give all the houses in Peach Road a new coat.

The foundation unofficially started in 2006 when Benita and Christopher Biegnaar started a soup kitchen, feeding people twice a week.

After some investigation and a survey, the Biegnaars realised that 95 percent of pupils in the area went to school on an empty stomach.

In February 2007 they started the breakfast scheme, feeding about 250 children between 6.30am and 8am daily.

The foundation was officially registered as an NPO a year ago.

Mr Biegnaar said they saw the need in the community.

“We started feeding the children because we realised that most of the pupils can’t cope because they don’t eat anything in the morning. This obviously has an effect on their learning and concentration abilities and that’s
when we decided to start the breakfast scheme and we have seen
wonderful results,” said Mr Biegnaar.

Chairman Rodney Moolman said they decided to paint the homes to uplift the community as most of the children from the programme live in Peach Road and the programme is run from the
Living Fountain community
church which is also located in the road.

Mr Moolman said the organisation will try to expand their work in the community:

“We want an afternoon programme to teach more skills, educational programmes and to
build a multi-purpose centre in the community and help more people.”

Pensioner Adelaide Murray, 67, was overjoyed with her freshly painted home.

“Since my husband died there has been no money to paint our home because whatever money comes in, it needs to be used for food and other things. I’m so glad that my house and everybody else’s house in our street looks so pretty. It boosts our morale and makes us feel special,” she said.

For more information about
the organisation or to donate,
contact Mr Biegnaar on 071 323 6853.