Commit to goals this year

Keith Blake, Ottery

We are now in the new year and we have to set ourselves goals and commitments that we as individuals have to carry out to be truly committed people.

You have to make a commitment to yourself that whatever you do you will do to the best of your ability and in the interest of yourself and others.

You have to pray every day for yourself, your family and friends and our country.

You have to get more involved with your community and especially in safety and security and service delivery issues.

You politicians have to get down to honest- -to-God governance and govern us as we deserved to be governed. Stop corruption, stop state capture and stop self enrichment, govern us honourably.

Create employment opportunities for us and our siblings and strengthen our economic status to platinum status.
We deserve it and we
will know where to place our voting crosses of hope at the next election.

You government appointed officials of all ranks, 2018 is the year we are demanding and taking note of your service delivery, for example, quality education, dedicated social services and caring, loving and professional health services, irrespective of our status.

You the religious leaders and religious organisations, stop keeping quiet, pray with your and for your congregation and preach love thy neighbour from the pulpits and the street corners and this will stop vocal and racial attitudes, holy is being vocal.

You law enforcement officers, protect and serve us as is in your manifest and investigate our complaints to the best of your ability.

You officers of the court, let the guilty feel the wrath of your sentences on our behalf, the victims and law-abiding citizens of South Africa.

You criminals who are committing crime, we the citizens are going to take back our streets and save our communities and our children from your evil clutches one way or the other, we have had enough.

You road terrorists, road hooligans and road killers you are going to prison as a criminal and we the citizens are going to petition that your licence be taken away , that is our commitment towards road safety.

You the private sector and private businesses, become a partner with government in creating an affordable environment and create employment opportunities for our unemployed.

You and I and the rest of us must stop sitting on the fence or on the stoep and leave the burning issues to a few. No, get involved, send your emails, hound your officials for non-service delivery, support your law enforcement in the never-ending fight against crime, attend your religious gatherings and pray with your fellow worshippers, attend massive legal gatherings and marches to take back your streets and this time round, analyse the political arena before you cast your precious democratic vote at an election.

A quote for you by (American human rights activist) Grace Lee Boggs: You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it. More on page 9