Committed committee

Keith Blake, Ottery

On Saturday March 3, my wife and I were guests at Aylesbury Place, a council rental block of flats in Miller Road, Wetton.

The Court Committee, under chairperson Faraah September, welcomed all and thanked her committee and the residents for attending their Valentine’s Day fund-raiser event. She outlined how the committee had, as a unit, fought for maintenance to their flats and one could see the complete new fence that surrounds the complex.

They have many challenges and social issues but they, as a committee, with their residents will face these as a combined unit.

One could see by the set-up of their event that a lot of effort was made by the committee and thus is a brave effort to generate funds for the committee to function.

As I watched and listened, I realised these impoverished residents are a prime example for other communities and even for civic associations to work together and obtain scarce funds to better their communities’ situation.