Community Chest relief drive-thru

Non-governmental organisation, Community Chest, will launch their Donations Drive-Thru on Saturday July 18, in celebration of Mandela Day.

All citizens are invited to join them at their Retreat Depot to donate warm clothing, blankets, non-perishable food or to make a cash donation, in aid of clothing and feeding our vulnerable communities.

Community Chest spokesperson, Desiré Goliath, said: “Community Chest has been honoured to serve on the forefront of Covid-19 relief for our marginalized communities who have been rendered even more vulnerable since the beginning of lockdown in late March.”

She urged donors to continue giving.

“As the need continues to increase, we wish to maintain the momentum and, once again, call upon our active citizens to support us by displaying the spirit of generosity and service for which Tata Madiba was world-renowned.”

The Every Nation Church, which serves as the distribution hub, will open for 67 minutes from 11am to 12:07pm this coming Saturday.

The campaign launching on Saturday will run throughout the lockdown period and beyond. Click here for more information.