Community fed up with housing delay

Chad Crowley taking part in the protest by Parkwood residents on the M5.

There is a greater need for housing in Parkwood than a waste drop-off site.

This was the message from the community’s leadership who made it clear during two weeks of protests along the M5 that they wanted a speedy response from the City of Cape Town about when plans for housing would be put into motion.

Pastor Paul Phillips, from the Leadership of Parkwood Community, said however, that they agreed that the building of the waste drop-off site in Klip Road, Grassy Park, should still go ahead, as it would create employment,

They were scheduled to meet with the community on Monday August 17, to discuss the housing issues.

Councillor William Akim confirmed that temporary job opportunities at the waste drop-off site would be provided to job seekers from Parkwood who are registered on the Sub-council 18 database.

The protests for housing started two years ago when the community rose up against what they say is a lack of service delivery.

Southern Mail covered the protests extensively (“Long wait for land”, June 27, 2018), (“Parkwood land protest”, May 23, 2018) and (“Housing needs flare up”, March 27, 2019), (“Parkwood backyarders table housing frustration”, May 30, 2018), (“Parkwood residents call for land”, May 16, 2018), (“Parkwood housing protest leads to clashes”, March 2, 2016) and (“Housing green light”, December 4, 2019).

Malusi Booi, the mayoral committee member for human settlements, said the City had a housing project in Edward Avenue in Ottery and another in Crest Way in Retreat.

“The Edward Avenue project will deliver 126 housing opportunities and the town planning approval is currently under way. Construction is scheduled to begin on site during September 2021, if all goes according to plan.

“The Crest Way project will follow with an estimated 500 opportunities. This project requires Environmental Authorisation (EA) to be issued before construction can start, so it will take longer to get onto site. The EA process is already well under way and most specialist studies have been completed to date.

“However, it is noted that the Western Cape Government is currently undertaking the Greater Retreat Project, which aims to provide housing to areas of great need, including Parkwood. A number of vacant sites have been identified for inclusion in that project, and are currently being investigated in terms of feasibility,” said Mr Booi.