Community groups praised for hard work

Community organisations in Lavender Hill and surrounds have been given awards for their hard work in the community.

Aubrey Robinson, Retreat

On Sunday February 21 it was my honour and a privilege, as an independent candidate in Ward 110, to recognise and reward, with the help of Gabby’s Academy, the leaders of several community organisations and their staff.

May God bless the hard working leaders of Where Rainbows Meet, Second Chance, Rise and Shine Community Development, Grace Community Projects, LHF Restoring Humanity, Duchess of Quietness, Kim January Feeding Project, Woman Hope for the Nation, Lavender Hill Sports Foundation, Lavender Community Outreach/Advice and many others for what they do for our people.

Covid-19 has seen these organisations form strong relationships with one another. They get no aid from the state and must ask businesses for donations to feed our people.

You can listen for hours about the challenges these leaders face. Many times they don’t know where the next lot of ingredients will come from.

But thanks to God they are still able to feed our people daily. Organisations like Where Rainbows Meet manage to share what they get with other smaller organisations.

I’m not criticising anyone in government, but I want to urge those politicians and officials who have access to funds to make them available to those doing such an amazing job feeding our people.

Some of these leaders work five to six days a week but are still able to prepare and dish out food for others in our communities. Some even work outside of their areas.