Concern for patients queueing in the cold

A long queue at Klip Road Clinic, in Grassy Park, on June 29. However, on July 22 and July 23, at 8am there were no queues.

A Lotus River resident who regularly passes the Klip Road Clinic raised his concerns about mothers with babies, and sick people queuing outside the clinic in the cold, early in the morning.

“I’ve been travelling through Klip Road for many many years and seeing mothers with babies and sick people queuing, left a very bad
taste in my mouth and I always used to ask myself why the authorities can’t do something about the situation?” Kenneth Felix said when he turned to Southern Mail help for help.

The clinic is situated on the corner of Klip and Kiewiet roads and people were seen queuing in Klip Road.

Ms Felix sent Southern Mail a photograph, taken outside the clinic, on the corner of Klip and Kiewiet roads, at about 8am on Monday June 29. “The queue was about 15 metres long and elderly people, mothers with babies and other patients, were standing in very cold weather,” he said.

When Southern Mail asked Ward 65 councillor Patricia van der Ross what could be done about the situation, she said: “The department will investigate what options are available to safely shelter patients as they wait to be screened prior to entry into the facility.

“Patients who are part of the vulnerable group category or who present with emergencies will be assisted first.”

When asked if the times for visiting for the TB patients and mothers with babies visiting times have been staggered, to prevent long lines, she said: “Each resident is encouraged to adhere to their clinic times which helps to keep numbers in the clinic low and risk of exposure low as well. The time that the clinic is open is between 8am and 4pm.”

Zahid Badroodien, mayoral committee member for community service and health, said Klip Road Clinic opened at 7.30am and the appointment system started at 10am, with staff attending to sick babies and adults between 7:30am and 9:30am.

“Throughout the day, staff give preference to very sick, frail and elderly patients. Strict Covid-19 protocols are practised and all clients are being screened before entry to the facility,” said Dr Badroodien.

“The facility can only accommodate a number of clients at a time in order to maintain social distancing.”

And when Mr Felix drove by the clinic last week, the situation seemed to have improved.

“I find it quite strange to drive past the clinic on Wednesday July 22, at 7:30am and Thursday July 23, at 8am and there were no queues,” he said.