Concerns about rumours on social media

Philip Bam, spokesperson for Grassy Park Community Police Forum

The Grassy Park Community Police Forum (CPF) noted with concern the alarmist messages doing the rounds on the social networks in the last few days about the shootings in Parkwood Estate and Ottery.

These unverified messages cause unnecessary stress and anxiety within our communities. The CPF calls on our citizens to act responsibly and not forward such messages without verifying its correctness. In some messages names are mentioned linking persons to gangs to which they do not belong. That in itself is dangerous.

Reliable sources informed that there was shooting in Parkwood on Tuesday April 25 but no injuries were reported. These sporadic shootings cause disruption as people fear for their safety and regrettably community projects have to be halted occasionally.

The SAPS are doing as much as they can to contain the violence and keep our community safe.

On Wednesday April 26, a police helicopter was assisting with crime prevention activities.

The citizens who live in the areas where gangsters operate are already anxious and don’t need to be stressed further by irresponsible notices.

Unverified rumour mongering about red zones and cautions for people to steer clear of the main roads into Grassy Park are reckless.

The Grassy Park CPF is encouraging the police to continue unabated with a sustainable anti-gang strategy and will offer support wherever possible.

The CPF’s #gangsterismSHALLfall campaign is one community contribution to frustrate gang recruitment.

For more information, the chairman of the CPF Fuad Titus can be contacted on 062 713 1673.