Conquesta Olympiad

Crescent Primary School, in Heathfield, entered the annual “Conquesta Olympiad” and achieved excellent results. Conquesta is an independent organisation that has an annual Olympiad in which schools are invited to participate by writing tests in subjects such as maths and English.The scripts are posted to them, marked and the results and certificates are sent to school from Durban.This year four pupils achieved 100% in English home language. Grade 2 pupils Zayaan Hassan,Yusuf Enos, Bilaal Larnie and Abdul Mueez Rawoot from Grade 3 scored full marks. Principal Naseerudin Harneker said these results came as no surprise to him as Crescent actively promoted reading, with pupils using the mobile library every Wednesday and pupils being given the opportunity to read at events like assemblies. Pictured, from left, are Zayaan Hassan, Bilaal Larnie, Abdul Mueez Rawoot and Yusuf Enos.