Core issues ignored

Arendse, Wynberg

The disingenuous riposte from Monty Oliver (Southern Mail, August 17) does not surprise me given that he has chosen not to respond to the core issues raised in my letter.

Wynberg resident, Zubeida Jaffer, in her article “A shallow local democracy” (source: IOL) sent Oliver the following basic questions:

* How much money is collected in Ward 63 every year?

* How much money was collected in this ward for the past five years?

* What has this money been spent on over the past five years?

* How much money has specifically been collected in old Wynberg?

* How has that money been spent over the last five years?

After four months, Mr Oliver has still not provided a cogent response.

He has also failed to explain why he has not held a single public meeting in five years, a blatant violation of the Municipal Systems Act and his Oath of Office as a public “servant”.

No amount of smoke and mirrors or statistics will change the fact that Oliver, in his 16th year at the expense of taxpayers, has provided a measly response to some burning issues that still clouds his tenure.

* This letter was sent to Monty Oliver for comment but he declined to respond to it.